Productive summer… well not yet anyway.

I havenn’t really gotten anywhere with the summer goals.

Truth is despite the fact that I have no job for the summer I seem to be really busy.

I went to the Ireland vs Australia ODI (cricket) up the road from me last thursday. That was fuppin excellent. Blue skies lots of sun and a few swifties. Ireland did incredibly well, and in all truth should have won the match, (bitta cricket talk next, skip over if this kind of thing bores you) unfortunately the two best irish born batsmen are now playing for engerland. If they were playing against the ozzies I think ireland would have been hard pressed to lost the match! We really need a middle order.

I spent last weekend in London with my college class, one last hurrah until most people enter into the real world and I do a masters. (Quite surprised that out of my whole year only three of us are going onto do a masters straight away) 

So that was Saturday until Monday evening, Tuesday morning, my results came out and did a little bit of celebrating after that. Then Wednesday I went down to Galway to visit my Gran who I see nowhere near regularly enough. Came back up to Dublin yesterday and now i have my first free day in what seems like ages. 

I went to the bank, played computer games and now watching the football. Very productive…. I am going to go for a run later, my mate breff told me about this horrible sounding way to kill yourself. 3 pushups six situps and 9 squats, easy right? Wrong! You’ve to do that for 10mins without stopping and count how many sets you can do…. Sounds like torture but i’ll give it a go.

So before I do that, I’m going to watch this footie match (C’mon Brazil), then do some spanish and guitar.

Here’s a quick run down on how my goals have been going so far.

I have been checking on my portfolio everyday, but have yet to put any real effort into the whole deal, and as it stands my portfolio is now making a loss. (I’ll make a larger post on this in the next few days).

With regards to my gaining positive weight goal, I have been making a very poor attempt at this. The gym which I will be using (in the rugby club where I play) is currently under refurbishment, it was due to open on the 16th but as it stands it is still locked up and still “being done up”. So as I’ve no gym (weightlifting was a large part of the plan) I’ve been doing the odd bit of HIIT, it’s tiding me over, but mneh, I really want to get back in the gym.

My guitar and spanish learning goals haven’t taken off, mainly due to me not being around,or being busy.

Hmm maybe i’m just making excuses…


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