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Summer Goals

It’s the middle of June and by my reckoning I have around two and a half months before I start a Msc in International Business at Smurfit.

So I’ve decided as I have no job for the summer, and no real inclination or desire to get one (not that I would at this stage in any case), that I should have some definable goals for the end of the summer. There’s nothing worse then getting to the end of summer, looking back on it and thinking “jaysus, I really did absolutely nothing over the summer!”

So here are my goals:

  1. Do 5 hours a week of Rosetta Stone spainish
  2. Spend four hours a week, reading up and learning about the stock market and picking stock
  3. Be able to play a few songs on the guitar by the end of the summer
  4. Put on 8-12kg of positive weight by the end of the summer

Spanish, whats that about?

As a throwback from the celtic tiger, the world is great, lets buy property and sell it off in the future for x5 of what we bought it for days, my parents have a lovely little apartment in Spain.

I’m heading out to it with a few friends in the middle of July and as such would love to be able to know cupla focal while i’m over there. Obviously, this leaves me with less then a month, so mneh, this summer goal isn’t really aimed solely at mid July, but more just for life in general.

I did French for the leaving cert, and although by no means fluent, I could certainly survive in France without the need for a translator.  I am not as proficient at speaking Irish, however having a gaelgoir for a girlfriend is having some positive effects and I do think i’m slowly picking up more vocab. (Don’t get me wrong here, we don’t spend our time together trying to converse in Irish, generally just when we’re outside of Ireland or in that Underground Irish speakers bar beside stephens green).

Being fluent in a foreign language, not only helps on a social level, but certainly on a professional/working life level too. With Spanish being the most widely spoken language in the world, I certainly see no harm in being proficient in, at the very least, what people are saying about you when they think you don’t understand a word of it.

So Spanish it is, I came across *ahem* a copy of language learning program Rosetta Stone and am currently winding my way through it, slowly but surely.

The Stock Market Ay? Sell high, buy low… I mean buy low, sell high…

I’m amazed by the people I see who own shares and when you ask them why they bought them etc It is almost inevitably “well my mate down the pub works there and says it’s great” or “it’s a mahoosive business of course it’s going to make loads of money!”

Having done a module in corporate finance during my undergraduate course, I know that there are several ways to value business’ and pick stocks. At the moment I could tell you the names of them but would have no idea which is the best, how to properly apply them and most importantly if they can actually be applied to get the desired results.  Mo money!

So here’s the plan with this one.

I’ve signed up to two stock market simulator websites. Investipedia for Wall Street and BullBearings for the London Stock Exchange. So how does one learn the stock market I hear you say. Basically this is going to involve reading up on and learning the various stock appraisal techniques, trawling through internet forums and then picking some stocks to see if I can make some  imaginary money for myself over the summer. I will be posting screenshots from my accounts on both these games in order to keep a track of progress I have made and justify my decisions on dropping and picking stocks.

Learn guitar? That is so cliché!

I know, I know. It absolutely is cliché, but that’s only because it is really cool….

Seriously though, two summers ago, I came back from America with a desire to learn the guitar. My girlfriend, Éilis, after many firecamp sing songs also wanted to play. So she bought me a guitar for my birthday with the aim to learn. It never went too far, we got a few lessons off friends, know a few chords, and i’m pretty sure I can kind of play “Sweet child o’ mine” although it could well be some totally different song i’m playing….

So this time round i’m not going the teacher/student route, i’m looking online. I’m going to get lessons via youtube and other free mediums and try and pick it up that way.  Simples….

Positive weight? Wha?

I have played rugby since I was four when I tagged around with my older brothers under six team. Well I didn’t so much play, more just stood on the side line and ran around in circles when I got bored. Since then, I’ve continued my not-so-meteoric rise through the ranks. Right the way through the under age sides in Clontarf, where I played with possibly the worst age group to grace the club in quite some time (winless in a few seasons anyway, of course it didn’t help that the side below us were graced with the like’s of Cian Healy, and Paul’O’Donoghue). From there I played with my school, Belvedere College, where I drifted from B’s to C’s. Claim to fame during this period where I ousted current Connacht outhalf Ian Keatley from his outhalf position on the A’s for one match in first year, only to be unceremoniously dropped straight after when the coaches realised that I wasn’t actually any good.

After my school days I went back to Clontarf, playing one season with the under 20’s before finally happily setting on the J4 senior side. Although it’s the second lowest level, we do play in Section A, and come across some very talented players who could easily have played at a higher level.

So anyway, in an effort to improve my ability on the rugby pitch, I’m going to be hitting the gym, and trying to put on a bit of weight onto this skeleton. At the moment I’m 5ft 11 and weigh 69kgs or just under 11 stone. Ideally I’d like to be 12 stone by September. But essentially I’m just going to train hard, and eat as much good stuff as I can.

Unfortunately at the moment the gym in the rugby club is closed as it’s being done up so currently I’m just concentrating on doing HIIT to get fit again after a hiatus from activity for the period of my exams.

I’ll go further in depth about my training in a future blog post, but for now that about raps it up.

That’s all folks….


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